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International Man of Mystery

Chasing powder, waves, and golden light, Chad Sayers has travelled the globe non-stop for the past 16 years. As a professional skier, Chad has searched for the perfect turn from Baffin Island high in the Canadian Arctic to uncharted Patagonian icefields. A man behind the camera as well as in front of it, Chad has graced the cover of dozens of ski magazines and continues to search for the next gem, just around the corner.

Chad's Posts

Iran: A Skier's Journey with Chad Sayers

There are places you dream of skiing, places you've always wondered about visiting but they seem so far away, so wild and different that you can't even imagine what it would be like to go... let along...


Leaving Tracks Behind - #G3Backstories EP.2

Every backcountry track has a story. As does every rider, and every piece of G3 gear we’ve designed, tested, and shared over the past 20 years in the backcountry.Our engineers, designers and athlete...


The Approach

G3 athlete Chad Sayers joins photographer friends Steve Ogle and Kari Medig on a classic backcountry epic in Southern Chile. Aiming for some mostly uncharted Patagonian volcanos, the crew encounters l...


Bamboo Thrashing Epic in Patagonia

Back in June I had a call from my good friend Steve Ogle asking if i wanted to head back to Patagonia for another epic. We had a history of epics in the region and he knew I'd know just what kind of t...


Resplendent Descent – Everything is Providence

We're 30km deep, holed up in a snowcave just 200m from the summit of Mt Resplendent, itching for ski worthy weather window. I've been on the road chasing storms for six months, it's May, I'm trashed,


Iceland - A Skiers Journey

Another amazing short film from Jordan Manley Photography, featuring G3 athlete Chad Sayers.


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