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Despite inauspicious beginnings as a nerdy mathlete, a post-holing snowboarder and an uncoordinated soccer player, eventually Jasmin Caton found her feet in the mountains. These days she calls stuffing her toes into Squamish cracks or sliding around on Selkirk powder a rough day at the office as an ACMG Ski and Rock Guide, and owner-operator of Valhalla Mountain Touring. When she is not climbing and skiing for work, she is climbing and skiing for fun. When she's not running through the mountains or running chainsaws, you can find her strumming guitar on deserted Kootenay beaches. 

Jasmin's Posts

Backcountry Skier's MacGyver Kit - What to Pack

ACMG guide and G3 ambassador Jasmin Caton shares what items she always packs in her 'MacGyver Kit' to help avoid an unnecessary epic in the backcountry.Step Outside. Ask Questions. Try Something New.


How to Skin on Firm Snow - Skin Track Tips

ACMG guide and G3 ambassador Jasmin Caton shares some quick tips on how best to climb a hardpacked slope with climbing skins.Step Outside. Ask Questions. Try Something New. Exceed Expectations.#G3U...


Be Nice To Your Climbing Skin Glue

Get some tips on how to take proper care of your climbing skins during a powder filled day of ski touring. Here are some quick tips from ACMG guide Jasmin Caton at Valhalla Mountain Touring.STEP OUTSI...


2016/17 Womens Skis

As an ACMG Ski Guide and owner/operator of Valhalla Mountain Touring, Jasmin Caton is backcountry skiing 100+ days per season. Here's her take on the new women's skis from G3 for winter 2016/17, plus...


Womens Week at Valhalla Mountain Touring

For interntional women's week we are pleased to be sharing the stoke for women in the backcountry.  G3 athlete & ACMG guide Jasmin Caton is one such woman who is passionate about sharing her back...


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