Joey Vosburgh in Rogers Pass, BC.
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Joey Vosburgh

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Passionately snowboarding since 1990, Joey jumped to splitboarding 12 years ago and hasn't looked back. Calling Revelstoke, BC his home, he can endlessly explore the mountains outside his front door. With the technological advances for splitboarders he sees nothing but opportunity to push the sport further. In his words "We're not just a bunch of knuckle draggers anymore!"

Joey's Posts

Every Good Line Has A Backstory

Photos are a funny thing. Whether they are in the steady stream of social media or buried in your personal library, there is usually a story behind them. Maybe it’s a story of struggle, or maybe it...


Sharing Joey's Stoke For Splitboarding

Winter 2014/15 so far has been dismal for many skiers and riders in western North America. But for those dedicated to getting the most out of every winter, it seems to be flying by in a blur of good t...


Joey's Guide To The Goods

Splitboarding...  snowboarding... what's the difference? For me splitboarding opened up my winter dreams. Dreams I'd been chasing through snowboarding since a I was a wee kid. Along came splitboards...


Not So Black Sheep, by Joey Vosburgh

There has always been a harmless rivalry between skiers and snowboarders. The joking battle between friends for which is best; defending your “team” and mocking the other. So on the firs tday of o...


Splitboarding Copper N Couloir

Stability was very good and the forecast was for clear skies. Sun on steep solar aspects was our only concern. Plan A had a large steep south face to ascend and a north facing summer alpine route to d...


Splitboarding Cheops Shelf

From across the valley Cheops Shelf looks narrow, cross fall line and threatened by overhead hazards. That's atleast what I’ve seen in the past years of eyeing it from numerous angles. I felt I had...


Joey Vosburgh Ripping It in Balance Ep 9

Here's some great Monday morning eye candy for you! G3 athlete Joey Vosburgh knows how to have a good time in the backcountry, and this amazing short film by Lee Visual proves it.


Early Season Shredding & Avalanche Practice

Early season skiing has its challenges. It may be lack of snow, 20km of rough logging roads, or thrashing through alders to get high enough; but earning your first turns of the season makes them that...


Joey Vosburgh in Balance EP 6

G3 athlete Joey Vosburgh keeps it real in this Balance episode, sharing how he's carved a life of snowboarding and hardwood flooring.


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