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When John Wells came out west, he didn't look back. Setting up home base near Mt Baker, the snowiest resort on earth, we don't blame him for staying. A bonified slackcountry slayer, John likes his skis fat, his cliffs big, the snow deep, and visibility optional.

John's Posts

#G3POV - Road Trippin' With John Wells

Get weekend ready with a little stoke from John Wells road trippin' from Mt. Baker Ski Area to Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in this week's #G3POV episode.


Bluebirds at Red Mountain

That's a whole lot of blue sky and white snow John stumbled upon at RED Mountain Resort the other day...



John Wells was reminiscing last spring's March madness, so he put this little edit together to give the snow gods a hint of what he wants to see again.


#G3POV 1 - Mt Baker Slackcountry

What goes up must come down, and what goes down probably had to climb up. On a mediocre winter like much of North America has been having, you have to make the most of the good days. Mt Baker locals l...


What A Good F&$@ing Day

G3 ambassador John Wells konws how to take advantage of the BIG snowfalls at Mt Baker, Washington. Here's a great sillygoating edit he put together from a day last winter. Pardon the title, but we ass...


Yea Buddy Ep 2 - John Wells More Faceshots

Our man John Wells once again making the most of what Mt Baker has to offer. Speaking of which, the neighbouring volcano Mt Baker is forecasted to receive up to 100" of snow by this weekend! Ya, snowy...


Yea Buddy Ep 1 - John Wells Getting Deep in the PNW

Looks like it never snows in the Pacific NorthWest, and John Wells doesn't know how to have any fun. ;)The Empire 115 and 127 have been right at home in his neck of the woods.


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