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The most beautiful thing is to look back at your tracks in life without regrets. For as long as I can remember, skiing has been my passion. I came from the Rockies of Colorado to the California Sierras chasing my dream of being a professional telemark skier. On my journey, I have gone from competing in competitions, to being filmed, to teaching and guiding people into the backcountry in an effort to promote the sport and a love for the outdoors. Now, being able to use my experience to help G3 make the best gear possible has been a dream come true. There is a reason that I have been a G3 athlete for so long. Their commitment to creating innovative, durable and reliable gear aligns with my values and I stick with what I believe in.

Lorenzo's Posts

Epic defined...

  After a long "June"uary and then spring in February, we have started to see more consistent snow fall here in the Northern Sierra. Last week we saw three feet of fresh snow blanket Tahoe. I though...


The Joys of Gear Testing

 I'm not going to lie to you, there are very few things in this world that I love more than gear. Make it new gear and I am over the top. Well apparently I have passed this vice onto my son Sage. I t...


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