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When Orry isn't dropping bomb-holes he's dropping bombs, literally. He's either busy patrolling at Whitewater Ski Resort, working as an avi tech to keep the BC Highways safe, or just ripping around in the Kootenay slackcountry. You can spot him in action in Sweetgrass Productions' films Hand Cut and Signatures, numerous recent magazines, and whatever drool-inducing ski porn might be in the pipes for this winter

Orry's Posts

Putting the ION to the test in the Valhallas

With half a winter still ahead of us to test, use, abuse and enjoy next year's G3 ION binding, we figured we ought to get it onto even more skiers' feet. G3 athlete Orry Grant was chomping at the bit,


Watch Out Snowpack, Here Comes Orry Grant

In my line of work things are constantly changing. Freezing levels rise and fall, traffic volumes increase, storms come and go. Why then, should I be surprised by the letter I've just received.Formerl...


Transceiver Search Techniques with Orry Grant

We know you're excited for winter. You've probably already grabbed some new gear or dusted off the old stuff to get excited. Hopefully your legs are well on their way to feeling strong. But what else...


Off-Season With Orry

We've been hunting down G3's athlete and ambassador team skiers to find out what floats their boat in the off-season. Second victim - Orry Grant, a Nelson, BC based avi tech and pro patroller and all...


Large Controlled Avalanches in BC

G3 athlete Orry Grant doubles as an avalanche control professional for BC Highways. He kindly submitted this educational video he received, description below.


New G3 Districts in Action + Highballs - Orry Grant

 Looks like G3 athlete Orry Grant has been having plenty of fun lately. Make sure you watch the ending, you'll be glad you did. Watch for a few sneak peek clips of the new G3 District as well.


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