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Not everyone can say they've been splitboarding for nearly 20 years. Pat Mulrooney can. He's been through it all, from home-made hacksawed boards to almost every brand who's put their foot in the splitboarding ring. Every winter he finds new gear to abuse, no peaks to explore, and has been passionately introducing other riders to the sport along the way. We coudln't be more excited to have him using and abusing G3 gear whenever he gets the chance.

Pat's Posts

Baker, Bike, Board, Beer

When a washout closes a road to a classic ski mountaineering line on Mt Baker, Pat Mulrooney finds other ways to get to the goods..."Springtime is Volcano Time. The solid snow season we've had this se...


Losing Weight in Slim Creek

G3 splitboad ambassador Pat Mulrooney was at it again. When sunshine, fresh snow, and the Easter long weekend all align, you know he'll be chasing lines like a hungry kid in a candy store. Here's a te...


Backyard Splitboarding

G3 splitboard ambassador Pat Mulrooney always goes out of his way to ensure fresh snow doesn't go to waste. So when he arrived back from Europe to see it was still dumping in his own backyard of Squam...


Pat Didn't Let an All-Time December Go To Waste

We asked G3's ambassadors to share their goods from the incredible start of this winter season, and they didn't dissappoint. It was a #DecemberToRemember indeed, and the photos and stories are still c...


Olympic Gold Medal Powder

If there's anyone we know who doesn't let good pow go to waste, it's Pat Mulrooney. He'll pack up the truck and drive to the ends of the earth for some quality turns, but luckily this weekend he didn'


Breaking In the Black Sheep in Style

When you give splitboarding vet Pat Mulrooney a new toy to play with, he's not going to just strap it on in his backyard to say he tried it. He's going to jump in his truck and find the goods. Here's...


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