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piz bernina

April Powder

Last week i guided a skitouring trip in Switzerland. The area is called "Bernina". A part of the "Est Alps"  which are usually smaller peaks than the "West Alps". Nevertheless, the Piz Bernina is t...

ski japan

Ski Japan

The search for powder has started again. The white fluffy stuff got rare in the Alps so we decided to check out the mystic land of the rising sun.It has been snowing the last two days, as we arrived i...


My touring setup for 2011

In the valleys of my home area, some serious logging is going on. So, most of the logging roads who provide access to really remote mountains, are plowed right now. Time to get my old Longus Competit...


Are you prepared for the Winter Season 2011?

The last three months were very busy. Since we had a lot of rain in the early summer, we had to get our work done in autumn. Almost 6 days a week  climbing in the trees. Mainly cutting rotten brench...


Viva Espana

This year, summer in Bavaria doesn`t even exist. In August, we decided to look for summer and packed our van with climbing gear, surfboards and a canoe. We finally found what we were looking for at th...


Arctic Skitouring

After a really great time skiing and touring up at bell2 lodge and burnie glacier chalet with a group of friends we spent a good time on Haida Gwaii for  seakayaking. We weren`t really lucky with fis...


Great White Open

A long period of warm temperatures, rain and no new snow is over!Finally, a big storm hit the northern alps and we got enough of the fluffy white stuff. Time to get some skiing, check the snowconditi...


Secret Little Valley

Since there is still not enough snow for real skiing in bavaria, we packed our gear and went on a road trip. Our first stop was at the Arlberg, one of the birthplaces of modern Alpine Skiing. But even...


Christmas in Bavaria

I wish all of you a happy new year with lots of new snow.I just came back from some relaxing christmas days in the mountains of the bavarian alps. the snow wasn`t really good so we focused on cooking,


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