Getting the backcountry goods in Rogers Pass, BC.
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Zoya Lynch

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Raised on a health diet of backcountry skiing in the Canadian Rockies, Zoya hails from a family of hard charging skiers. She's since relocated to Revelstoke, BC, where the new(ish) resort and timeless Rogers Pass are both within striking distance. Always with a camera in hand, Zoya loves the creativity and freedom that backcountry skiing allows and inspires. Follow her antics on G3's blog or at

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Zoya's Inspiration

While on the hunt for shreddable goods in the backcountry, it is easy  to get lost in a whiteout of numbers, data, temps, aspects, time, elevation, and all the other measurements it takes to get out...


Zoya Lynch's Winning Deep Winter 2014 Slideshow

G3 athlete Zoya Lynch is passionate about expressing her creativity in the mountains, regardless of what side of the lense she's on. She's quickly emerging as a talented ski photographer/videographer,


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