95 To Infinity - Traslins' Never Ending Shred

Hellbent on backcountry skiing, brothers Mike & Andy Traslin have been earning their turns every month of the year for the last 95 months in a row. They're not alone, especially in the Pacific Northwest where a string of glaciated volcanoes make it pretty reasonable to score turns any time of the year. You just gotta get out there.

It's no world record by any means. Mike and Andy know lots of keen skiers have been doing it way longer. Certainly lift accessed skiers have some huge streaks going. But that's not the point. Sometimes it pours rain, sometimes it's so damn hot you're regretting not being at the beach. But in Mike's words "It's always worth it."

Everyone has their own way to stoke their eternal ski flames. Some people fly south for the summer to score lift access in the South America and New Zealand. Some get as far away from skiing as possible, like Chad Sayers who reflects and rejuvinates in tropical waves between winters. And some like Andy & Mike choose to earn their turns, slogging through forests, scree fields, access roads and more, all for that sweet taste of a few quality ski turns. Every month. Every year. It's been 8 years so far, but it doesn't sound like they're stopping anytime soon.

How many months was your longest streak? Or better yet, how have you kept the stoke going all these years?

Video Credits

  • Skiers: Mike & Andy Traslin
  • Featured Gear: G3 Synapse Carbon 109 Skis, G3 ION Bindings, G3 Alpinist Climbing Skins, G3 Via Carbon Poles
  • Location: Mt Baker, WA, USA
  • Videography: Grant Baldwin & Jamie Bond/Doglotion Media Inc.
  • Edit: Doglotion Media Inc
Andy Traslin scoring some June turns on a multi peak linkup in Japan, June 2014.
Mike Traslin
Mike Traslin having some fun on the Blackcomb Glacier access road, 2 months before opening.
Andy Traslin
Mike testing gear in Chile. Earning his turns even when the lifts are spinning right beside him.
Andy Traslin

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