December Coldsmoke in the Kootenays


Nelson, BC

Based on this post and video from G3 engineer Cam Shute, skiers in the Kootenays have it good this winter! Good to see he's busy finding excuses for more 'product testing'. Read on...

It's been one of the best early starts to the ski season in a while. Repeated storms have laid down a 2m base in the alpine and the cold temps have kept the soft fluffy stuff on top. On top of it all, whoever is in charge of the snow seems to have the reset button stuck on.

In the past couple days I've gotten out with a bunch of friends who are usually media creators rather than ski models, Steve Ogle, Kari Medig and Chris Rowat all contributed to buff out my hackjob of a video. The stoke has been super high in the Kootenays and by the sounds of it there's another 20cms (in town) on its way. Hope my legs can hold up.... I guess I can sleep when I'm dead.

The snow report says it all, get out there while it's good!

Temperature:  -13C
Overnight (4pm - 5am): 19.0 cms / 7.5 inches
Past 48 Hours: 68.0 cms / 26.8 inches
Past 24 Hours (5am - 5am): 45.0 cms / 17.7 inches
Past 3 Days: 79.0 cms / 31.1 inches
Past 7 Days: 90.0 cms / 35.5 inches
Steve Ogle photo.

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