G3 Highballs POV & First Impressions

New G3 ambassador John Wells checked in with us with a quick POV video of one lap on his new G3 Highballs (190cm), plus a quick recap of first impressions...

I can't slow down! (But in a goood way).

What a sick ski!, shredding in deep PNW pow at baker this ski performs and pushes you off the edge. Fast, big, aggressive turns, lands like a dart with pillow, suspension technology, and it skins up with ease and big strides.

Just skied, chalky dry pow and slide down some spines, and pillow ridges and the rocker is more pronounced than you think, but it still has a stiff tail, that locks in your landing with the strength off a ski that is made of metal, but isn't (Titanal decking) but with the lightness of TUA wood core ski. One of the best jumping skis ever! They just want you to go faster, bigger, higher than before. LOTS OF POP! Also ski's backwards/switch real nice, high speed groomers are also fun, being able to rail turns in any condition on the hard pack. Overall my feelings are strong that this ski is the answer! I can't wait to open it up when it gets a little deeper! Good swing weight in the air, for tricks or just going huge, this ski can handle anything you want to give it!

-John - 6"2 - 200lbs, fast, strong, aggressive skier.

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