Get Out There! Safely. Dave Norona Spreading the Backcountry Stoke

G3 ambassador Dave Norona has been having a pretty sweet winter so far. Always keen to get out in the mountains and see more people doing it, he sent us this video encouraging people to get out and enjoy the backcountry, with important reminders on how to do it safely.

Lots of skiers are beginning to expand their horizons, dabbling with backcountry skiing and exploring the huge potential that's out there. And good on them! Backcountry skiing and snowboarding offer so much potential for exploration and adventure, but with that comes a set of risks that need to be managed.

As Dave points out in the video, be sure to take an AST (Avalanche Skills Training) course if you haven't already. It's an essential first step for safe backcountry travel, but it's also fun. Packing the right gear (beacon, probe, and shovel) is essential, and knowing/practicing how to use the equipment is critical. Beyond the 3 fundamental tools for avalanche rescue there's a long list of other things that should end up for big days in the backcountry, from extra food and clothing to communication tools for emergency use. Avalanche training courses and backcountry skiing clinics will familiarize you with that essential list of gear. Some of G3's partners such as Canada West Mountain School and Babes in the Backcountry offer just such training, and give you the opportunity to get into backcountry travel at your own pace. Dave points out in his video that peer pressure or poorly matched groups aren't the safest nor most fun way to introduce yourself to the backcountry, and he's right.

We can't cover it all in this post, nor did Dave in his video, but the underlying message is there's a whole world of powder, skiing, discovery, and fun waiting out there in the backcountry. Get trained, get practicing, and get out there! 

Enjoy your winter.

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