How To Twist ION Binding Heel Back Into Ski Mode

Here’s a quick tip on how to switch your G3 ION binding heels from walk mode to ski mode.

First we should explain that for 2018 we improved the ION with an anti-rotation lock on the heel to avoid any unwanted binding heel rotations while you’re touring up. In tour mode, when your boot steps down on the heel riser, it pushes the whole heel turret down and locks it into position. As such, when you’re at the top and want to transition to ski mode, make sure you do not push down on the heel while you’re trying to rotate it. Pushing it down keeps it locked and prevents you from easily twisting it to ski mode. Instead you should pull up and twist… and you’ll easily switch to tour mode.

For extra style points and speed, you can also make the switch by placing your strapless pole grip between your boot heel and the binding, then giving your boot a twist.

And your ready to ski…


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