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G3 Releases First Video in New Explore Series

G3 has teamed up with 3 incredible athletes and some talented creators to create a new video series titled, “Explore.” In this series G3 joins Tanner Flanagan, Jasmin Caton, and James McSkimming a...


Game On? - 'Explore' Ep. 1 of 3 - Ft. Tanner Flanagan

We all know skiing dream lines is easy right?  Wake up, eat bacon, send it.  Tight. Ain’t nothing to it.  That’s why we all do it.  Or wait, does anything good really come without a fight?Skie...


Why Weight Matters

Whether you’re a bonafide weight weenie or a hard-charging ‘performance first’ freerider, you secretly know as well as we do that the weight and performance of your gear are BOTH critical factor...


What Gives a Ski Its Character?

Skis should be fun. A playful backcountry ski floats well in the powder, quickly initiates in a turn, holds an edge on ice, and smears like butter on a pancake. Finding the right balance of these char...


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