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2016/17 Womens Skis

As an ACMG Ski Guide and owner/operator of Valhalla Mountain Touring, Jasmin Caton is backcountry skiing 100+ days per season. Here's her take on the new women's skis from G3 for winter 2016/17, plus...


2016/17 Climbing Skins

G3 continues to break trail and lead the pack with the most versatile, reliable climbing skins on the planet. New this year G3 introduces the Scala skins and the Alpinist LT Mohair, along with improve...


Iran: A Skier's Journey with Chad Sayers

There are places you dream of skiing, places you've always wondered about visiting but they seem so far away, so wild and different that you can't even imagine what it would be like to go... let along...


Introducing G3 Scala Climbing Skins

Evan Stevens (AMGA/IFMGA) runs through some of his favourite features of the G3's all new SCALA climbing skins.


Claudia Avon's Full Part

G3 backcountry snowboard ambassador Claudia Avon just shared this great edit from her part in the 'Fingers Crossed' web series she spearheaded last winter. 


Bluebirds at Red Mountain

That's a whole lot of blue sky and white snow John stumbled upon at RED Mountain Resort the other day...


#G3POV EP5 Sunny Spines on Serratus

IFMGA/ACMG guide Lars Andrews making the most of a banger day last spring in the Tantalus Range.


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