Things Splitboarding Has Taught Me

G3 Athlete and backcountry photographer, Abby Cooper reflects on a decade of splitboarding. She spills the beans on what she’s learned from her pursuit of powder via splitboard. Some tips are useful...


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G3U Contest - Warm Winter Camping

Winner of the G3U Crowd-Sourced Video Contest. Ashleigh Bassett with her tip on how to stay extra warm while camping in the backcountry...


Announcing Crowd-Sourced G3U Video Contest

OBJECTIVECollect G3U (G3 University) videos from our audience. Video content should focus on tips and tricks for the backcountry. The videos below are good examples:The Jacket StashHow to Descend With...


Changes to G3 Skin Savers

We’ve made a few changes to our skin savers... and for good reason.Skin savers have historically served two purposes: 1) to protect your glue during long term storage, and 2) to make the task of pul...


G3 AXLE Splitboard (2019/20)

- All-mountain directional splitboard- Playful and versatile shape to take on any backcountry condition- Polyurethane (PU) sidewalls for best-in-class dampness- Carbon fibre matrix adds torsional stif...


How to Choose Climbing Skin Plush

Simple guide to help you choose between the different plush materials across G3's climbing skins.


Understanding Binding Calibration

Director of Product Cameron Shute and Engineering Technologist Eric Simon share the importance of binding calibration and why we do it.


ZED 12 Updates - 2019

For the 19/20 season we have made some updates to the ZED 12 binding increasing strength in parts, materials, refining shapes and generally improving the performance and user experience.


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