G-Rad-itude on the North Face of Mt. Brennan

A Couple of Everyday Joes Go Ski a Couple Big Line First DescentsI have to give Mike Davies credit for peaking my interest in the unskied lines on the north face Mt. Brennan. He sent me a photo (see b...


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Skiing The Tusk

If you’ve never thought of skiing on Black Tusk, you aren’t alone. There’s few who can look at a vertical pile of rock as brittle as feta cheese and decide they want to go play on it. But I’m...


10 Tips for International Ski Travel

As a guide I travel internationally with ski gear multiple times a year to places like Japan, Russia, Chile and Antarctica with my company Pacific Alpine Guides. Traveling with skis is not something y...


#G3POV - Rogers Pass Splitboarding

G3 splitboarder / ACMG guide Joey Vosburgh nailed a bluebird day in Rogers Pass this Christmas Eve. Thanks for the #G3POV episode Joey.


Little Efficiencies Go a Long Way on BIG Trips

We asked Martina Halik to share some backcountry travel tips after her massive Coast Mountain Epic traverse last season. Here's some ideas she shared for increasing your efficiency and comfort on a bi...


Fresh Lines At the Bottom Of the Earth

I just returned from my second voyage to ski on the Antarctic Peninsula, and what a trip it was. On board the 331' Ocean Adventurer with 100 skiers and 24 guides from all over the world, we set sail a...


This Mountain Life - Film Trailer

We are more than excited to see this full film when it is released. It features the mother daughter duo Martina and Tania Halik who ski toured from Squamish, BC to Alaska with G3 gear on their feat. T...


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