Skiing The Tusk

If you’ve never thought of skiing on Black Tusk, you aren’t alone. There’s few who can look at a vertical pile of rock as brittle as feta cheese and decide they want to go play on it. But I’m...


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ROAMr Skis

Introducing the new ROAMr ski series for the 2017/18 winter season. 


ION Binding Updates for 2017.18

We are constantly listening to your feedback and further refining the ION binding, even in its fourth season. We gave the ION three important updates for 2017/18 to make it simpler, easier and more re...


2017-18 Womens Backcountry Skis

We're proud to introduce to new skis to G3's Women's Collection for winter 2017.18. The ROAMr 100 elle is all new, and the Synapse+ 101 elle has been further refined for this winter. 


G3 UNIVERSITY | Do all carbon skis chatter?

Carbon fibre is light and stiff. But if not compensated for in ski design, light and stiff can turn to chatter in the right (wrong) conditions. When the going gets variable, alternative materials and...


SENDr 112 Skis

Introducing the all-new SENDr 112 big mountain backcountry skis from G3. 


Stewart to Skagway - Coast Mountain Epic Wrap Up

We are excited to share the news that Martina and Tania Halik have completed their 6 month long ski traverse of the Coast Mountains and are home safe, sound and comfortable. Here is a great story from...


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