Skiing The Tusk

If you’ve never thought of skiing on Black Tusk, you aren’t alone. There’s few who can look at a vertical pile of rock as brittle as feta cheese and decide they want to go play on it. But I’m...


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111 Pump Peak Summits In a Year

In true Traslin brothers classic style, Andy and Mike Traslin set out on a peculiar quest in 2016... to step atop the summit of their backyard 'Pump Peak' over 100 times in one year. Sitting atop Nort...


Mel Bernier - Fulfillment

Great to see Melanie featured in this film series by RAB. 


The How To’s, What Ifs, & Scary Beans

Planning this adventure through the course of a year has given us time to ponder some traditional concepts – and through trial and error, come up with new possibilities to make our expedition cheape...


Brodie's Ski Traverse Tips - Part 2

Finally the snow is starting to fall outside my place in Kimberley B.C.! Plans for my spring traverse are taking shape and it’s been exciting to get out skiing a few times up high in the alpine. Hav...


I Will Be My Own Engine

I doesn’t get any more committing than selling all your stuff and throwing yourself headfirst into an adventure. The dirtbike was the easiest to part with, I’d mostly used it to access remote area...


Battling the Kraken - Coast Traverse Preparation

BC skiers Martina Halik and her mother Tania are preparing for a backcountry ski expedition like no other. Their Coast Mountain Epic will see them travelling 2300km on skis from Squamish, BC to Skagwa...


Thank Goodness For The Outdoors

G3 ambassador Lynsey Dyer just released and inspiring season edit. 


Learning from Close Calls

The fastest way to learn about avalanches is to almost get nailed by one. Not killed or hurt, just really scared. Where you can brush off the dust, thank Ullr, and micro-analyze the shit out of what h...


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