G3 Athlete Joe Stock's New Book 'The Alaska Factor'

Alaska is a BIG, BIG place, with more ski touring terrain than you could ski in a lifetime. How are we expected to decide where to ski and when? Luckily G3 athlete Joe Stock just released 'The Alaska...


Yak to Nak & Back

Andy Traslin just checked in with this post from a recent adventure...The Coqhuilla is a great area to check out for anyone living close to Vancouver. The peaks are part of the Coast Mountains but fur...


Joey Vosburgh Ripping It in Balance Ep 9

Here's some great Monday morning eye candy for you! G3 athlete Joey Vosburgh knows how to have a good time in the backcountry, and this amazing short film by Lee Visual proves it.


Early Season Shredding & Avalanche Practice

Early season skiing has its challenges. It may be lack of snow, 20km of rough logging roads, or thrashing through alders to get high enough; but earning your first turns of the season makes them that...


Transceiver Search Techniques with Orry Grant

We know you're excited for winter. You've probably already grabbed some new gear or dusted off the old stuff to get excited. Hopefully your legs are well on their way to feeling strong. But what else...


73 Months of Turns All Year.... (Still Counting)

Winter's getting ever closer, the snowy alpine photos are streaming in, and most people are scrambling to find ways to get their ski legs into shape. Meanwhile Mike Traslin knows the best way to KEEP...


Bicycles and Ice Axes - Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter's getting closer, are you ready? G3 athlete Melanie Bernier is always ready, or so it would seem from her off-season antics. Her and Andrew McNab were hankering to stand atop Mt Begbie, one of...


Skins for Every Man, Woman, and Child!

"You want what, and why?!?". That's the reaction you might expect to get when you walk into the company headquarters of a ski manufacturer, and as them to build a custom one-of-a-kind climbing skin pr...


Why Weight Matters

Whether you’re a bonafide weight weenie or a hard-charging ‘performance first’ freerider, you secretly know as well as we do that the weight and performance of your gear are BOTH critical factor...



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