Pro Purchase - Snowsports and Backcountry Professionals Types


The following list outlines the primary, eligible categories of Professionals (PRO) and Retail Employees (EP) from the SnowSports and Outdoor Retail industries to participate in G3’s Pro Purchase Program. Please review and apply under the heading that best reflects your qualifications.

If you have been part of the G3 professional purchase program in previous years, please apply again here for current season.


AVALANCHE PROFESSIONAL Individuals professionally employed in avalanche forecasting, prevention and/or safety education, and independent snow-science researchers who spend time in the backcountry related to their profession. Qualified applicants are required to provide proof of full-time employment and avalanche technician certifications.

OUTDOOR EDUCATION Instructors with programs emphasizing wilderness education (with a winter component) as part of the core curriculum. Qualified applicants must provide proof that they are full-time staff members directly involved with the program. Documentation of teaching qualifications/certifications, a letter from your employer,** as well as a program outline or program website URL must be submitted.

SEARCH & RESCUE Leaders and/or highly active SAR members who will use our product as part of their job. Qualified applicants must provide proof of involvement through a current roster, call-out list, member card, or other SAR form of identification.

SKI PATROL Individuals currently employed as full-time Patrollers who use G3 gear while working. Qualified applicants must provide a current paystub or letter from your Patrol Director** or a copy of your current NSP Pro division credentials.

SKI GUIDE Individuals employed as a full-time professional ski guide. Qualified applicants must submit information that clearly demonstrates which company(s) they work for, their position within the operation, a copy of their certification, and print or web material confirming that they are employed as a ski guide.

INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL  Includes individuals working in the greater Ski Industry or Outdoor Industry, such as employees of companies attending the SIA and OR Shows and their sales representatives.  Proof of employment is often an obvious email address to match your company name from a brand we recognize from our industries and a good credential upload can be as simple as a mobile phone photo of your business card.

SKI INSTRUCTOR Instructors with valid certification who are currently employed full-time. Qualified applicants must provide a copy of their current PSIA Nordic/Downhill or CANSI Telemark certification, along with a current paystub from your place of employment or a letter from your ski school director.**

**LETTERS FROM EMPLOYERS: A letter from your employer should be on official letterhead, dated in the winter season for which you are applying to G3, and needs to include your full name, your job description and title (patroller, guide, instructor, etc), and the number of paid hours per week that you are employed to perform. The letter should also include your director's signature and contact information.


Documents providing evidence of an individual's professional status are required to be considered for qualification. Such documents may include current:

  • employee rosters
  • paystubs (with sensitive data blacked-out)
  • company brochures
  • industry certification or membership cards
  • guides accreditations
  • job descriptions on company letterhead
  • letters from your employer
  • business cards with URL

NOTE: scanned PDFs are legible mobile phone photos are acceptable as we try to be as low maintenance as possible while still doing a responsible amount of basic due-diligence.

Our priority is to support anyone who should qualify for a professional or employee purchase discount. If you have any problems or have a logical reason to not have enough of the above information to fulfill our standard eligibility needs, we will happily talk through your situation and find a logical solution. G3 stands for fairness and great backcountry ski gear more than rules and restrictions.

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