We're still shipping on time. Free shipping on orders $150+
We're still shipping on time. Free shipping on orders $150+

Service Announcements

G3 is a proud member of the backcountry ski community. We are skiers ourselves. We have high expectations for our own gear and won’t settle for anything less with the gear we send to our customers.

At times when we learn of issues where our products do not meet the high standards we set, we may issue a recall for replacement or service announcement calling out a potential issue and offering service to remedy the situation.

G3 has been designing, manufacturing and assembling backcountry equipment in Canada for over two decades and we continue to improve our industry-leading manufacturing and tracking processes.

We strive for innovation and the opportunity to amplify our customer’s exhilarating outdoor experiences. We apologize for the inconvenience these announcements may cause and appreciate your understanding.

SERVICE BULLETIN - ZED Stomp Pad - December 2018

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – ION Warranty Repair – June 2017

VOLUNTARY RECALL – Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probe – October 2015

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